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What They’re Saying About Confidence Builders

Ms. Barnes is a great tutor.  She has really made a big difference in my children's lives. When we first met her, one of my girls could not read. Since she has been tutoring with Ms. Barnes, she has now reached grade level reading. My oldest daughter was struggling in school. Since being with Ms. Barnes, she is now a straight A student. My middle daughter was having a hard time focusing in class. Since she has been with Ms. Barnes she is now able to do school work, especially math, on her own.

Shala S.

When you don't understand, school is not fun at all, but once you start to understand how to do the work, it's actually fun.  School is fun now!

Israel M.
(5th grade student)

I used to think I wasn't smart.  I thought my brain didn't work.  Now my grades are good and my tests are good and my scores are above grade level.  I can probably skip a grade!

Blaine K
(3rd grade student)

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