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Michelle Barnes, Credentialed Teacher 

In June of 2008 parents of children at a private school asked Michelle Barnes to tutor their children during the summer, and she eagerly accepted the request.  Ms Barnes soon realized, however, that the reading, writing and math struggles many of her students experienced was due to a lack of confidence. They were intelligent enough to learn, but they were filled with self-doubt. Ms Barnes knew she would have to remove the self-doubt before learning could take place, and thus Confidence Builders Tutoring, LLC was born. 

Ms Barnes has Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Psychology from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She also has a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Fresno State University. She has taught every grade from pre-school to eighth grade and she has tutored all levels up through college with the exception of high school math. 

Ms Barnes also has ten years of experience working with ADD, ADHD and severely emotionally disturbed students. She has taught students in every socioeconomic group in public, private and home-school environments. 

Tutoring services are not limited to struggling students. Ms Barnes has also worked with top students in order to challenge them by reinforcing and introducing new skills. Ms Barnes states that the best thing about social media is witnessing the great accomplishments that her students have made, especially the students who came to her with significant struggles in reading, writing and math.

Teacher Helping Student
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